Friday, May 9, 2014

8th Bead Soup Blog Party: The Reveal

Welcome to the 8th annual Bead Soup Blog Party hosted by none other then the gorgeous, talented, vivacious Lori Anderson of Pretty Things!

This year's BSBP was a little rough from the get go; a lot of health setbacks (both the hostess and myself), some pushing back and re-arranging, but everyone made it safe and sound to the reveal. Much deserved shout out to Lori for organizing, pairing partners, instructing, and everything else while going through treatments and her own struggles.

If that's not one strong person inside and out, I don't know who is!

This year I was paired with the lovely and talented Rebecca Anderson of Songbeads. You can read my introduction post Here.

As a reminder, here is a picture of the soup Rebecca sent me...

Due to my own procrastination, a busy schedule, and up and down health issues I didn't get to utilize the soup as much as I would have liked to. I usually like to squeeze out as much as I can with what I'm given and this round of BSBP I have several things left including some handmade findings, full strands of beads, and of course the gorgeous polymer clay owl I received.

That little guy is going to be saved for something special and just for me!

Anywho, without anymore babbling, I present to you my 8th annual Bead Soup Blog Party soup creations...

This pair of earrings was made last in my 8th Bead Soup Blog Party (put last first and first last in the blog post reveal-go figure!) and while they weren't my favorite piece of the soup, I still do enjoy them!

From my soup I utilized the absolutely STUNNING faceted rondelle beads. I have almost a full strand left and I'm excited at the prospect of using them in future projects.

I contributed the round glass teal beads and bronze/gold tone heart skeleton key charms from my own stash.

This handmade necklace is one of my main pieces and it definitely took a good chunk of time to make, especially since the soup stumped me for quite awhile before I decided what direction I wanted to take. From Rebecca's bead soup I took two different Czech flower bead strands, along with her speckled robin's egg blue round beads, the porcelain bird focal and the handmade robin's nest component.

I wish I could have used the clasp that was lovingly made but for some reason I just couldn't get it to work so I had to unfortunately save that for another time when I have the resources to order some matching findings.

From my stash I contributed salvaged tiger's eye rondelle beads from a bracelet, round vintage cream beads from a broken necklace, glass teal beads from a salvaged bracelet, copper wire from another past project, copper chain I ran out to get for this specific piece, and a toggle clasp I happened to buy for a custom order that didn't work out-perfect timing I'd say!

I named this piece Meadow Lane because this necklace reminds me of walking through a meadow with it's whimsical air, soft and earthy colors, and, of course, bird perched on top of it's nest.

I love this pair of earrings! They're so simple but they're so gorgeous in their simple form. Thanks so much to Rebecca for her gorgeous Czech flower beads and her very whimsical handmade findings.

The only thing I had to do was go out and buy the ear wires to match the findings!

There's a story that goes with this particular bracelet. One day I was walking up the street to my former high school tutor and neighbor's house to help her out with something and as I was walking back home, I happened to look down and found that very shiny and circular metal washer on the ground!

Leading up to that moment I knew I wanted to do a bracelet but didn't know how to proceed-until I found that washer and everything came into place :)

Used from my soup are those gorgeously colored ceramic beads.

From my own stash came the chain that makes up a majority of the bracelet as well as those deep red colored seed beads, the 'lost & found' washer (hence the name), and the toggle clasp.

While I'm very satisfied with how this beauty turned out, I'm going to change the toggle when time and finances allow as well as learn how to solder the connecting jump rings shut because right now the bracelet is very fragile and the jump rings easily come apart.

This was the first pair of earrings completed after the necklace was done! As you can see I took some leftover Czech floral beads (some went to the necklace and some went to these earrings) from my soup and contributed them to this pair of dangly earrings.

From my stash were the round glass beads salvaged from a bracelet, as well as larger metallic brown seed beads, and silver tone wire I just ordered not too long ago.

Can I tell you a secret? I wanted to use these seed beads in the necklace above and below the bird like I did in this pair of earrings but I didn't have any copper headpins. I'm kind of glad I didn't because I think it would have been too much!


Be sure to check out The List of all my other nearly 500 fellow beaders, bloggers, and jewelry designers. Of course also visit my partner Rebecca and see what she created with her soup!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

8th Annual Bead Soup Blog Party Partner: Rebecca of SongBeads

I can't believe the last time I blogged on this website was the last Bead Soup Blog Party! I guess I've let this blog and my jewelry designing fall by the wayside in favor of my other blog and trying to make myself some money on a regular basis.

I'm sad I can't contribute more time to my designing and this website but ultimately I have to do what's going to bring in the income, especially if I'm planning on moving out within the next year or so!

That being said, the 8th annual Bead Soup Blog party put together by our ever gracious hostess Lori Anderson of Pretty Things has been one for the books-it seems like we're all having health issues (at least the hostess and I), so things seem to be getting pushed back. The original reveal date was set for the 3rd of May, but Lori pushed it back a week due to impending health issues.

Quite honestly while she was apologizing I was doing a little dance of glee since I was WAY behind from my own procrastination, busy schedule, and health setbacks! I heard a few other people where in need of the extra week as well, so I don't feel as bad ;)

One thing I wasn't able to get up until now was my partner introduction post! I was lucky and got paired with a blogger and jewelry designer that I have admired and followed since my first BSBP back in August of 2012.

Meet Rebecca Anderson of Songbead!

Rebecca hails from Northern Ireland (my first international partner...squeee!) and not only does she make some gorgeous, very whimsical jewelry, she sells her jewelry on Etsy and her own website, as well as running a supply shop, The Curious Bead Shop.

Some of my favorite pieces of hers...

You Are My Home Bracelet (Reserved)

Mocha Smile Necklace

Botanical Handmade OOAK Earrings

I waited like a patient little puppy for my soup to arrive and when it did, I couldn't help but admire the package it came in. Since I have a natural and insatiable wanderlust, anything from outside the country fascinates me, including packaging!

I took a little while to admire the foreign package with it's colorful and decorative tape (courtesy of Rebecca herself) as well as the stamps, custom form, and other markings I'm not use to seeing.

Then came the moment I had been anticipating for nearly two weeks! Opening up a bead soup package is much like opening up a present on Christmas-you've been waiting and anticipating the arrival and have NO idea what you're going to get until you have unwrapped presents, a.k.a beads, in hand.

This is my 3rd BSBP and it never ceases to amaze me the beautiful and unique components that are sent. The moment that package is ripped open you're in awe of what you receive while simultaneously fearing it as well because inevitably, you're getting something that will challenge you to think outside your normal creative bubble.

The soup Rebecca sent me did just that! 

Included in the soup I got a lovely notecard detailing what was sent; ttrands of Czech glass beads and some gorgeous handmade findings from Rebecca's supply shop, The Curious Bead Shop, a ceramic bird focal from Captured Moments on Etsy, light teal ceramic beads from Smitten Beads, and finally a polymer clay owl focal from Something To Do Beads on Etsy.

We also decided upon our first emails back and forth to include something non-bead soup related so inside among the beautiful beads and purple tissue paper used to wrap everything I found a roll of colorful stickers!

I'm such a kid at heart because I big. puffy. heart. stickers :)

Now for what I sent MY partner...

Make sure to come back Saturday to see what I whipped up with this soup and visit My Partner as well to see what she made with hers!