Thursday, September 27, 2012

Truly Humbled & Smilin' Ear to Ear

One of my good bloggy friends I've known for awhile, Cathy of Cathy Kennedy's Blog, humbled me and made me grin like a fool with a beautiful review of the custom bracelet she hired me to create for her, which, I must say was an absolute pleasure to do and such a fun experience! 

She's such a kind and wonderful friend to me and I'm so happy I got a chance to meet her ^.^

If you would be so kind, please head over to her website, check out the review, and possibly have a look around!

{Image Credit}

Check it out HERE!

P.s. There's a 20% off coupon code good for use in both of my shops as an incentive ;)

Making People Smile--Bessies Creations

Welcome to TEE Jewelry Bessie of BessiesCreations on Etsy!

Elizabeth, or Bessie as she is known by family, friends and members of the Etsy community, currently resides in Fresno, California, however, she drives back to her hometown of Sonora, California every weekend. 

Like most other artists and crafters out there, Bessie does have a day job; she works in a permitting department for a utility company--"My job is fun and keeps me up to date on regulations within California; however, if I was able to make crafting my day job I would do it in a second and never look back."

Bessies Creations came to be when Elizabeth was contemplating several names for her new Etsy shop. "My nick name is Bessie, so I decided on Bessies Creations. It isn’t anything fancy, but that is truly what my shop is. Every item in my store is something I created."

Her Etsy shop would have never come to be if Bessie hadn't learned her love for crafting early on in life. Like most of us, her love of creating came when she was a child courtesy of her mom who also had a love of arts and crafts; "She is always making something whether it was something simple or something as difficult as a quilt. I would always try to help with whatever she was doing and she never told me no." Not only that, but she also grew up with three sisters and they would always craft together, which of course made it so much more fun!

These days, Bessie dabbles in a little bit of everything from photography and working with wood to jewelry making and crocheting. You can tell she is very well rounded by just going through and browsing her shop!

Inspiration for her comes by way of trying to make people happy-"I want to make a unique item that will make my buyer feel special. I believe my inspiration is trying to find new items that would make someone happy."

Advice from Bessie: "Do what you love. Many people say that you need to stick with one thing, but I think if you like to do a variety of crafts go for it! Don’t hold back your creativeness! If you let your creativeness go you will be amazed with the things you think of."

Things to know about Bessie and her work:

*Aside from her shop on Etsy, you can also find her and her work on Wanelo!

*Make sure to follow her on Facebook and Twitter as well!

*Bessie welcomes ideas and custom orders; have something in mind? Just message her!

*For payment, shipping, and other important information, check out her Shop Policy Page.

A bit thanks to Elizabeth A.K.A Bessie for allowing me to feature her and her wonderful work on my website! If you're a lover of anything rustic and natural, you definitely should head over to BessiesCreations and browse through her lovely products!

Items in Post:

Set of 4 Crocheted Coasters with Felt Bear Accent

Reclaimed Cedar Wood Adirondack Toothbrush Holder

Natural Copper & Brown Feather Earrings

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Work It Wednesday(9/26)

Work It Wednesday is a meme for any type of artist and crafter regardless of what you do, where you're located, or what medium you work with...If you create with your hands and your heart, you're welcome to link up with your latest work(s)-in-progress! 


Here's my latest work in progress (which I happened to finish before this WIW, but we'll roll with it this week).

I'll post pictures of the final project when I can get my picture situation (or lack there of) finalized!

So, what are you working on this week?

Care to link up with me? 
 Grab the WIW button!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kalmbach Bead Soup Party-The Reveal!

Do you remember my teaser post from a few days ago? 

Well, I think I've made you wait long enough! Ready for my Kalmbach Bead Soup Party Reveal? 

Here you go! 


I knew that agate HAD to be the focal piece of the necklace because it's quite the show stopper! That was the main attraction, but in my opinion, you can't have a main attraction regardless of what it is without support. 

In this case, the support of the gorgeous agate beads and nuggets I was sent in my soup along with a few other smaller, lovely brown colored beads. I also took apart a necklace I purchased at some garage sale and had lying around just for this type of occasion; it fit perfectly with the color scheme I was going for (adds the splash of greens and tans). 

Most importantly, it supports the show stopper ;)

Close up of those gorgeous colors! 

I have to give credit where credit is due-My mom was the one who recommended me going asymmetrical with the necklace and it turned out so much more wonderful then I had imagined! 

Thanks mom ^.^

One of my favorite things about this necklace is its versatility. 
You can wear it....

The folks at Kalmbach only wanted a necklace for this bead soup challenge, but I went a bit further (overachiever that I am) and created two pairs of earrings-One matching the necklace and another separate pair.

Left side-Matching earrings               Right side-Extra pair of earrings

Of course I can't thank Lori Anderson of Pretty Things, Kalmbach Publishing and A Beadtiful Thing in Aurora, Illinois enough for this incredible opportunity, fun experience, and gorgeous soup :)

Were you included in the party beadtivites? 
Make sure to leave a link so I can check out your beautiful creation!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Some Treasuries

Since I don't have a lot of handcrafted items listed, most of the treasuries I'm included in are involve my vintage pieces. 

Regardless, I'm thankful for being included in each and every one of them :)


Bits and Peaches by Doojies on Etsy

Black, blue and diamond-shaped by Lindsey

September Flower-The Aster :) by KimberlyTurnbullArt on Etsy

Can you pick out my item in each treasury?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bead Soup Sneak Peek--Shhhhh....

Can you see it!?

Make sure to come back to see the necklace in all it's beautiful glory ;)

(veeeeeery soon)

If you need a reminder on what downright delicious looking soup I got, head HERE.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lark Jewelry Books Giveaway!

That wonderful, crazy woman is at it again! 

Lori of Pretty Things is holding a review and giveaway for several different Lark jewelry books on all sorts of jewelry-related subjects such as metalwork, working with seed beads and crystals, bracelets, and more. 

The first round of books has been given away, but there are 2 other rounds to go.

{Image Credit}

Round 2--Enter Here
Ends September 14th

Round 3--Enter Here
Ends September 16th

Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your jewelry designing horizons!

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Chosen Ones and a Lime Green Ticket!

Everyone knows (or possibly knows, I'm not sure since it was on my other blog before I switched) I participated in the lovely Lori Anderson's latest Bead Soup Blog Party this past July. I had an absolute blast, met a ton of new people and broadened my jewelry designing horizons, just to name a few things I took away from the experience!

Lori Anderson of Pretty Things has been doing these bead soup parties going on 6 rounds now and is currently in the process of publishing a book about the parties courtesy of Kalmach Jewelry Books!

Trying to create some publicity and buzz about the book's release this month, Kalmach decided to throw their OWN bead soup party and recruited bead stores from all around the country to send in a particular handpicked soup from their stores, which they would in turn send out to the lucky 'Chosen Few.'

Guess what?

The Golden Lime Green Ticket!

I was one of those lucky and honored chosen ones!

I kept my fingers and toes crossed, took a deep breath and when I opened my mailbox, I saw that beautiful pop of green that screamed at me, "Bead Soup Enclosed!" I cannot tell you the feeling of elation I had when I realized I had a soup ^.^

Of course I tore that puppy open as soon as I had a moment. Let me ask you this my dear friends and readers: Is it wrong to love beads SO much?! 

My gorgeous bead soup

Seriously, I think this soup was MADE for me or at the very least, the person who picked it out knew this would be something I'd fall in love with.

And fall in love with it I did indeed!

Make sure to keep coming back to see what I create with my incredible soup-Deadline is end of October, but I'm sure if I'm feeling better and health permits, it'll be much sooner.

Thank you to Lori, Kalmach Jewelry Books and A Beadtiful Thing for this wonderful opportunity :)

P.s. The shop that sent my bead soup is located in Aurora, Illinois. Ironic or an interesting twist of fate? You decide ;)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday's Picks(9/8)-Pretty Paisley

There are several different types of patterns out there from polka dot to my personal favorite, plaid, to stripped (diagonal, horizontal, and vertical) to what this Saturday's Picks is about: Paisley! 

I just think it's so pretty ^.^








Thursday, September 6, 2012

For Me, Myself, and I

It's been a good, long while since I actually made something for me, myself and I.

I mean, I honestly couldn't tell you the last time I made something specifically with myself in mind. I've always been focused on making things for other people; presents, giveaway prizes (I'm a sucker for a good giveaway), sell-able items to put in the Etsy shop...

That changed recently, though, when a friend of mine and I made a trip to a small bead show being held in Rockford (The Crystal Limit out of Missoula, Montana).

It was an impromptu trip because I had completely forgotten about the show on the 2nd and 3rd of this month until we virtually passed by it looking for something to do! Kismet I tell you ^.^

I digress.

Walking around, I set eyes on this ethereal beauty and it was all over for me-I had to have her.

I've always wanted my own Gaia or Goddess pendant or charm, so it was, again, kismet. Plus, the fact that it was in a gorgeous purple hue cemented the deal even more (purple is my favorite color).

{click to enlarge}

The pendant and the wire used in wire wrapping are the only two things I bought new. The rest was upcycled, including those incredible purple beads which were parted out from a larger necklace, ironically bought before I even laid eyes on the pendant at one of the annual Labor Day flea markets in Rockford.

I think this necklace was just one big Meant-To-Be, don't you? ;)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tealwater Designs Triple Giveaway!

I'm all up for a good giveaway, especially when it involves beads or beading material of any kind. 

Hey, I have to get my "nicer" supplies somewhere, right!?

Thanks to Cory of Tealwater Designs, I have an option to win one of several lots she's giving away!

Just take a gander and what you and I could win....

 Can't forget these absolutely gorgeous silks!

And of course for those who don't bead or can't use the supplies, she thought of you guys, too with this beautiful pair of earrings!

So, my question to you all know is what the heck are you waiting for? 

Ends Saturday, September 8th.