Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Artemisia's Studio & a Giveaway Win

This post is unfortunately way late in coming, but better late then never, right?

Back in the beginning of December I received an email from Emanda of Artemisia's Studio letting me know that I had won a handmade ornament from her website!

To be honest, I had NO idea what the ornament looked like or even how I won it so it definitely came as a welcomed surprise. Looking back, I now know It was won from a comment I had left on Emanda's Challenge of Color post, a challenge we both participated in at the end of November.

After chatting with Emanda for a little bit over email, she told me to expect a package in the mail within the next couple of weeks. When it finally arrived, I was surprised once again, this time by it's contents!

Not only was there the most beautiful blue, green, and silver colored Angel wing ornament that literally took my breath away, Emanda also included a gorgeous pair of Rose Quartz and 'New Jade' earrings for me to enjoy.

Breathtaking. Literally! 

Merry Christmas to ME

I couldn't wait to add Emanda's ornament to our Christmas tree! It actually turns out that Angel wing was one of the first ornaments to adorn our tree this year. See for yourself...

Make sure to check out Emanda's Etsy shop, Artemisia's Studio and her Blog! She has some beautiful things to offer and is such a kind and wonderful person :)


Crocheted Little Things said...

Sweet win!congrats!

Xmasdolly said...

Absolutely lovely! Congrats on your win & well deserved I might add!

Memories for Life said...

Wow, that ornament is gorgeous! Love the colors! And her earrings are pretty too :)

crystal said...

That is beautiful! I am going to check out the Artemisia's Studio blog now...:)

EmandaJ said...

Thanks Kayla, for such a lovely post! Energy happens! Someone must have seen your post and checked out my wings -- the wings ended up in a Treasury!

I hope you are doing better now.


Cindy said...

Hello Kayla - been thinking of you and know that you are going through a tough time with your health - just wanted to stop by and say hello, and to send a virtual hug!
Emanda's work is so beautiful - lucky you!!! And I just read her comment from the other day and I think that is so cool that her wings ended up in a Treasury! I love when good things happen like this! :-)