Monday, January 28, 2013

Flashback Monday(1/28)

Originally posted on May 22nd, 2009 entitled 'Drum Roll Please...The Bracelet!' 


Ta da!

This is the final post in The Making of a Good Cause series and the unveiling of 'The Bracelet'! Okay, so it's not the best picture in the world, but unfortunately I couldn't come up with a creative way to display it >.<

Although I took more pictures!

Did you know an elephant with its trunk up in the air is a symbol for good luck? Well now you do! I forgot to add that into my bio for the bracelet itself, but that's alright.

This little beauty brought in $105.00 for the elephants!!!

Just for that, I am thrilled I got to be apart of everything =]

Thanks for following this story!

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Crocheted Little Things said...

WOW it's gorgeous! And congrats on donating that much!!