Thursday, February 7, 2013

Innovation & Determination-Rozies Pearls

Personalized Handcrafted Newborn Twin Girls Bracelets-$20.00

Welcome to TEE Jewelry Tress, Randy and Rozie of Rozies Pearls on Etsy! 

Rozie, Rozies Pearls namesake
Hailing from Orlando, Florida but moving to the small town of Centerton, Arkansas, Tress and Randy own and operate today's featured shop alongside their downright adorable German Shepard, Rozie.

Rozie is the inspiration behind the name of their Etsy shop, Rozies Pearls which specializes in making personalized bracelets for newborn babies. They also offer crocheted baby blankets and sewn bibs and towels.

As a day job, Randy works for a warehouse driving a forklift and Tress takes care of the house and puts her time and energy into maintaining their business.

Creation of their Etsy business came after years of learning a variety of different crafts so she could give family and friends a more personalized gift for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions.

Aside from the adorable handcrafted baby bracelets you see, Tress also enjoys creating Christmas decorations and designing ornaments and ceramics. Working with these different crafts, you can understand a bunch of different materials are used, some of which are sewing material, ceramics, beads, lace, wood and yarn.

From our conversation and browsing their shop, I can tell you Tress is quite the determined and innovative individual! "The photos you see are very special to me. It's a great accomplishment when I think of our shop. I built the whole shop from our cell phone and continue to work from it to this day."

If that's not truly impressive I dare you to tell me something that is!

Advice from Tress: "Take your time and make the item look great before sending it out. Everything you make is a reflection of who you are so take pride in your work and people will love it." 

Crocheted Shell Design Blanket Set with Hat, Booties & Bracelet
Things to keep in mind about Tress and her handmade creations:

*Every handcrafted bracelet is sized for optimal comfort and comes with its own decorative pouch.

*Make sure to follow Tress, Randy and Rozie on Facebook and Twitter @Rozie_101!

*Bulk orders of 5 or more items are available at a discounted price of 20%. What a great offer!

*For shipping, payment and other important need-to-know information, check out her Shop Policies Page.

I wanted to take a minute to stop and thank Tress, Randy and of course Rozie of Rozies Pearls for taking the time for this great interview!

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