Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Fiber Arts Dream Team-TheWanderingEwe

Red Knitted Coffee Cup Cozy--$14.00

Give a warm welcome to Holly and Hannah of The Wandering Ewe on Etsy!

Wool Needle Felted Mermaid Doll--$40.00
This talented mother-daughter team hails from Maryland and, working alongside their several wooly sheep and wandering chickens, work strictly with fiber!

Their devotion to the fiber arts started when Hannah was just 10 years old and mother and daughter took a knitting class; things just seemed to expand from there! "We already knew how to crochet, then we bought the spinning wheel, then the sheep, then more sheep, then another spinning wheel... you get the picture."

Aside from their joint Etsy business, Holly has her Master's in acupuncture; her and her husband have both decided, however, to put that on the back-burner as of right now because they feel that it's important that she devote her time to raising their family. Hannah is currently a full time student.

The Wandering Ewe got its name as mother and daughter brainstormed names for their (then) dream business. "Holly said, "What about The Wandering Ewe?" It had just popped into her head. We both knew that it was "the one" and didn't bother trying to think of any other names."

Since dealing strictly with fiber arts, wool is a particular favorite of both of theirs! Spinning, knitting, crocheting and needle felting are all in Holly and Hannah's crafting skill sets. It seems weaving and wool dying will ultimately be next for these two multi-talented woman!

The Wandering Ewe stocks products such as whimsical needle felted dolls and animals, Christmas ornaments, knitted tea and cup cozies, barrettes and pins. They soon hope to have hats, scarves, and fingerless mittens, and always are willing to try anything that a customer would like.

Advice from Holly and Hannah: "First of all, don't give up! The Wandering Ewe has been up since last November and had no sales until September. People can get discouraged if they don't get sales very soon, so we would advise patience to others as new as ourselves. Also, don't stress yourself out trying to make and make products to the point where you don't even enjoy your craft or artwork anymore. Have fun with your business!"

St. Patrick's Day Needle Felt Shamrock Pin--$9.00
Things to keep in mind about Holly, Hannah and The Wandering Ewe:

*Aside from the wonderful world of Etsy, you can find them on Wanelo.

*Pin crazy? Follow The Wandering Ewe on Pinterest to see what neat things they're pinning!

*For payment, shipping and other information, make sure to check out their Shop Policies Page.

If you're quite taken with whimsical beauty, Holly and Hannah's shop, The Wandering Ewe, is a must see! I'm absolutely smitten with their felted wool dolls and am quite excited to see what they add into their inventory next.

Along with their 5 sheep (Lucy, Elsie, Milly, Wooly, and Jeremiah), this is quite the fiber arts dream team!


Memories for Life said...

How fun to work as a mother daughter team! And they're so right about being patient. It took me 4 years to get off the ground and 5 to be where I am today.

A Half-Baked Notion said...

Thanks for sharing this talented team, Kayla... their felties are so sweet!

Holly and Hannah said...

Thank you so much!

Crocheted Little Things said...

How cool!! and very talented to make that mermaid! I'm always intrigued by spinning....maybe one day....

Evie's Tool Emporium said...

Always fun to get to know the artists behind the shop! Great feature!