Monday, September 10, 2012

The Chosen Ones and a Lime Green Ticket!

Everyone knows (or possibly knows, I'm not sure since it was on my other blog before I switched) I participated in the lovely Lori Anderson's latest Bead Soup Blog Party this past July. I had an absolute blast, met a ton of new people and broadened my jewelry designing horizons, just to name a few things I took away from the experience!

Lori Anderson of Pretty Things has been doing these bead soup parties going on 6 rounds now and is currently in the process of publishing a book about the parties courtesy of Kalmach Jewelry Books!

Trying to create some publicity and buzz about the book's release this month, Kalmach decided to throw their OWN bead soup party and recruited bead stores from all around the country to send in a particular handpicked soup from their stores, which they would in turn send out to the lucky 'Chosen Few.'

Guess what?

The Golden Lime Green Ticket!

I was one of those lucky and honored chosen ones!

I kept my fingers and toes crossed, took a deep breath and when I opened my mailbox, I saw that beautiful pop of green that screamed at me, "Bead Soup Enclosed!" I cannot tell you the feeling of elation I had when I realized I had a soup ^.^

Of course I tore that puppy open as soon as I had a moment. Let me ask you this my dear friends and readers: Is it wrong to love beads SO much?! 

My gorgeous bead soup

Seriously, I think this soup was MADE for me or at the very least, the person who picked it out knew this would be something I'd fall in love with.

And fall in love with it I did indeed!

Make sure to keep coming back to see what I create with my incredible soup-Deadline is end of October, but I'm sure if I'm feeling better and health permits, it'll be much sooner.

Thank you to Lori, Kalmach Jewelry Books and A Beadtiful Thing for this wonderful opportunity :)

P.s. The shop that sent my bead soup is located in Aurora, Illinois. Ironic or an interesting twist of fate? You decide ;)

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Krafty Max said...

OK, I'm officially jealous!!!