Thursday, October 11, 2012

Believe in Yourself--TheArtisticBowl

Welcome to TEE Jewelry Sarah of TheArtisticBowl on Etsy!

Currently found living in "Canada's Prettiest Town," better known as Goderich which is a little town located on the shores of Lake Huron, Sarah's shop slogan is "The ingredients to mix it up in style!"

"My slogan actually came to me first," she explained to me in our interview. Once she had the slogan, she had to come up with a worthy name to match; quite a few names were considered before she settled on The Artistic Bowl (TAB for short)!

Sarah's beautiful art and crafts is what she currently does for a living--"I say currently because I would like to go back to school to further my education. The hard part is figuring out exactly what I would like to do. Part of me would adore being able to do crafting for a living forever, but right now it just isn’t feasible."

Starting her crafting journey at a young age, Sarah shared she was the type of kid where you give her a box of crayons and she was gone for hours! Always being the creative and crafty type, Sarah started really getting into arts and crafts when she took her first oil painting class when she was 14.

From there, she started experimenting with different mediums and materials. Currently Sarah mainly does paintings, but that doesn't stop her from continuing to experiment with different things! Other things you'll find in her shop are vases, coasters, rings and boxes.

"I am actually also adding a line of key chains and monster plushies in the next week or two. Very excited!"

Advice from Sarah: "I had a teacher that once said to me, 'Success starts in the mirror. Believe in yourself and I promise you will be successful.' If you don’t believe in yourself and take what you do seriously, why should anyone else?"

Things to keep in mind about Sarah and her wonderful work:

*You can follow her on her Twitter @pilonsc and like her on Facebook!

*She also has a blog you can check out: Sarah C. Pilon: Writing, Doodling, and Everything in Between.

*For payment, shipping, and other important information, make sure to look through her Shop Policies Page.

I'm a huge fan of mixed media so Sarah's shop, The Artistic Bowl captures my attention in the most special kind of way! If you're interested in gazing in awe and wonder and possibly reconnecting with your whimsical side, I highly suggest doing a wee bit of window shopping ;)

Sarah has also been kind enough and offered TEE readers 10% off in her shop using the code ECLECTIC! This code is valid until November 30, 2012.

Items in Post:

Earthy Green & Brown Home Decor Candle Holder

Abstract Lady Bug Adjustable Size Ring

Laughter is the Best Medicine Canvas Quote Art


Sarah C. Pilon said...

Thanks so much for having me on your blog! :)

Crocheted Little Things said...

the advice is so very true! Thank you Kayla once more for showing such a talented artist!