Thursday, October 4, 2012

Eternally Grateful--RazzleDazzleMe

Welcome to TEE Jewelry Roslyn of RazzleDazzleMe on Etsy!

"My grandmother was a beautiful seamstress. I hated sewing. My mother could crotchet and knit, but they made me tense. My husband and brother were master woodworkers, but the lathe and saws scared me. My other brother could paint. I draw like a five year old."

A retired teacher who still works part time with testing students, Roslyn lives with her husband in Chattanooga, Tennessee and the above quote was taken directly from her About Me page, which starts her artist journey better than I could have ever written it!

Even though she tried several times and didn't quite find her crafting 'forte', eventually her husband would drag her to a jewelry class to which she told him, "I would go, but I would not get hooked on it."

Guess what? 

"From the first lesson 2 1/2 years ago, I was addicted and have made jewelry almost every day since."

If you take a look through her shop, she has quite a lovely collection of jewelry, mostly pierced and non-pierced ear cuffs, ear pins, and cartilage earrings made of everything from chains and feathers to gold filled wire and charms. Her favorite things to work with, though, are sterling silver and swarovski crystals.

Like many of us artists, Roslyn sells her wares because she would have way too much of it if she decided to keep it all! That and it's exciting when someone likes something you've made enough to actually buy it--"I am grateful for every customer I have ever had," which is quite a lot! 3,287 sales since March of 2010, and that's just through Etsy.

Advice from Roslyn: "The best advice I could give crafters who want to sell is to work hard and keep changing and growing. I remember that I did not want to sell online because I did not know how to ship my items. Now when I tackle something new and feel nervous, I realize that in a month or so, I will be very comfortable with it. It takes a lot of work to sell online and you have to have the time and dedication to be successful at all."

Things to keep in mind about Roslyn and her jewelry:

*She loves working with customers to create a very special piece of jewelry, so custom orders are definitely available!

*Make sure to like RazzleDazzleMe on Facebook and follow on Twitter @roslynla.

*Also, don't forgot Roslyn's Pinterest and Google+ account!

*For payment, shipping, and other important need-to-know information, make sure to check out her Shop Policies Page.

Thank you to Roslyn of RazzleDazzleMe for taking the time out of her schedule to grant me this lovely interview and feature! I'm thrilled to have had her on the website!

If you're interested in seeing a review of Roslyn's jewelry, head on over to the Fall Fashionista Event on Insignificant at Best! There's even talks of a giveaway that's going to happen *winkwink*

Items in Post:

Purple Rooster Feather Ear Cuff Wrap Earrings

Sterling Swarovski Crystal and Cream Pearl Cartilage Ear Cuff Wrap

Antiqued Silver Non-Pierced Owl Ear Cuff

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