Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I've Been Interviewed & Featured!

I've done a lot of artist and crafter features in the past and I've brought that over with me to my "new" business blog because I really, truly enjoy writing about and showcasing other people and their passions!

What I'm NOT used to is being featured and interviewed myself o.O

Now I understand the overjoyed and complete and utter excited feeling because I've been featured over on a fellow artist's website, Sarah C. Pilon: Writing, Doodling and Everything Inbetween! Not only that, but I'm the first of her newest Etsy Superstar Series. 

Talk about feeling special!

If you can head over and take a gander at my interview and possibly leave a little comment, I'd love you forever and ever! ^.^

You can view it HERE

Make sure to come back tomorrow because I will be interviewing and featuring Sarah on MY website!

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